The agricultural products that we offer are manufactured by us at our cultivated fields and orchards. The honey produced from the farm The Biandrina are the Millefiori honey Acacia , Chestnut and Rhododendron . The great love for the environment and respect for nature have given us find everything to dedicate our work also in bee-keeping , according to the natural methods of agriculture. Tasting and direct sales company .

We have always been dedicated to the cultivation of small fruits and blueberries that you can gather directly from the farm. Our jams and marmalades are made ​​from these fresh fruits, collected in the countryside and away from sources of pollution. They are never added dyes or preservatives and are produced with the addition of sugar. With these excellent jams cook delicious fruit pies and tarts pastry.

One of the specialties of the area of ​​Novara is a typical salami Duja . These sausages , after their work with the best pork meat , are placed in a container called duja and covered with melted lard that keeps them soft for long periods , even more than a year , giving them a distinctive spicy flavor. Served , even at breakfast , with bacon , bacon and eggs becomes a succulent and tasty dish for the most demanding palates .

At our Farmhouse Biandrina you can also admire the colaratissime lavender plants grown in the surrounding area . Collect and preserve a bundle is a must to evoke , so , in your homes the remembrance of the open country , of smelling rooms ” used to be” and the grandmother of drawers in which linen always smelled of lavender.


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